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Sustainable alternative to activated carbon filter

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More than an activated textile

Reduce your energy and maintenance costs,
your carbon footprint and your waste,
by reducing weight and daring to innovate.


Sustainable diruptive technology

Decarbonation. Durability. Green energy.

Sustainable low-carbon alternative to activated carbon filters, Purenat technology is the first activated filter that permanently destroys VOCs and micro-organisms, and therefore doesn’t clog up. Pressure losses are considerably reduced, minimizing energy consumption. Its longer lifespan reduces waste production and maintenance costs, offering a competitive advantage that addresses both environmental and economic issues.

Performant. Safe. Integrable

Purenat’s innovative material adresses customers’ growing needs by improving air pollution control efficiency, without releasing secondary pollutants, and by offering the possibility of optimizing product design to reduce weight and costs. Purenat is the only solution that addresses all three areas of improvement.

Disruptive innovation.

The innovative material developed by Natacha Kinadjian Caplat takes the form of a thread, which is then transformed into a textile using the non-woven process. The composition of this thread contains an active depolluting agent (photocatalytic agent) that destroys organic pollutants. This is the first time that a thread, then a filter, is composed of such an active agent, rather than simply being coated. This major technological advance overcomes the current shortcomings of photocatalysis: no loss of efficiency, no release of hazardous nanoparticles, no generation of dangerous by-products. All this with the added bonus of a flexible, lightweight material for easy plug-in into air treatment units.

Biomimetism. Inspired by the nature.

Purenat thread, the origin of active filter media, was developed on the basis of what occurs naturally in the living world. Its three-dimensional structure mimics the alveoli of diatoms, marine algae. The result is a perfect balance, never achieved before, that maximizes exchanges between the air and the active purifying material, boosting efficiency.

Patent. Protecting our innovation.

Our major technological advances have led to the award of a patent. This patent is testimony to our unique expertise in the field of materials and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It confirms the value of our air pollution control technology. It strengthens our position by enabling us to offer exclusive, differentiating solutions to our customers. It reflects our ongoing commitment to research, innovation and the creation of high value-added products.

Operation of Photocatalysis

Optimization of Photocatalysis
The core technology, reinvented by Purenat, is that of photocatalysis. It allows for the transformation of organic pollutants into minute quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor. The efficacy of this process in eliminating pollutants has been demonstrated by numerous publications and is widely recognized within the scientific community. Purenat revolutionizes photocatalysis with an active textile that maintains its effectiveness over time and produces no hazardous by-products or releases.

Natacha Kinadjian Caplat

Founder & President

As a Doctor in Physico-Chemistry of Materials, she is a specialist in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with over 14 years of experience. Her passion for IAQ began during her thesis in 2010, where she developed materials for air purification. It was during this time that she became acutely aware of the crucial importance of IAQ as a public health issue.


Integrable, High-Performing,
and Durable

We offer a complete solution, from pre-study to the sale of the textile.

From the initial analysis of your system …

We conduct a personalized preliminary study enabling the custom integration of our technology into your air treatment system. This preliminary study involves analyzing the operation of your system and the conditions under which it is used, integrating our tailored solution into your laboratory, pilot, or semi-industrial-scale installations.

… to a custom-designed solution

Purenat’s technical experts draw up a performance report for your Purenat technology pollutant abatement equipment, providing customized sizing recommendations. This includes dimensioning the appropriate quantity and shaping of Purenat textile to facilitate the scaling up of the technology to an industrial scale for a full-scale installation.

Activated media filter

Our non-woven activated textiles have the capability to capture and degrade pollutants for sustainable depollution.

From the media to the filter

Our textiles can be custom-shaped (housing and depolluting cassette) to adapt to the characteristics of your device.

VOC, odors, microorganisms

Our actived filters are an alternative to activated carbon filters, offering better performance, less pressure drop, longer lifespan, reduced weight, and avoided carbon emissions. Additionally, they are more effective against bacteria and viruses.

Multiples uses

The Purenat textile is adjustable to your specifications and adaptable to your machine.


Nature + Technology = Power

An integrable technology tailored to meet the air pollution challenges of industrial and manufacturing companies across multiple sectors.


Winner of the Pollutec Innovation Awards 2023 and the Global Industrie Awards 2023 in the “Young Shoot” category, Purenat listens to industrial companies seeking to reduce external emissions and improve air quality in their factories. This involves meeting increasingly stringent regulations, preserving workers’ health, and achieving ambitious carbon neutrality goals within the sector. Conducting a tailor-made preliminary study will enable us to propose the most suitable personalized solution to meet the needs of each industrial sector: wastewater treatment, waste management, soil remediation, surface treatment, plastics industry, machining, etc.

Building Air Treatment System.

The Purenat active textile can be integrated into building air ventilation systems. By destroying pollutants instead of merely trapping them, there is no longer a need to change filters every 6 months as is currently done. The lifespan of filters is significantly extended, reducing maintenance effort and associated costs. A filter that does not clog also results in decreased energy consumption. In a commercial building, studies have shown that 30% of the building’s energy consumption is attributable to filter clogging.

Air purifiers and everyday objects.

The Purenat actived textile replaces certain filters within the structure of air purifiers, especially active carbon filters. Its flexibility and low weight help reduce the bulkiness of the filter, allowing for the miniaturization of air purifier designs and enhancing aesthetics and ergonomics. It even opens up the possibility of imagining new everyday objects, such as purifying acoustic panels. Its effectiveness against bacteria and viruses, in addition to VOCs and odors, is a significant advantage over active carbon filters.

Aerospatial and aeronautic.

The Purenat actived textile is less energy-intensive, generates less waste, and is lighter than filters used in current ventilation systems. Purenat offers solutions to aerospace industry players to address decarbonization challenges, weight reduction, maintenance streamlining, and air treatment at various levels: in aircraft cabins, infrastructure, and airports, as well as in factories and industrial buildings.


Purenat contributes to the evolution of the automotive sector by replacing active carbon filters in automotive cabins and industrial infrastructures with a solution that is lighter, more durable, low-carbon, less energy-intensive, and generates less waste.


Our team

Kinadjian Caplat

Founder & President

PhD in physico-chemistry of materials
Indoor air quality expert (14+ years of experience)
Afnor France & International working groups
Ranked in Le Point’s Top 100 Inventors of the Year 2024


General Manager and Partner

Engineer in biotechnology, specialized in strategic marketing (14+ years of experience)
Certified Professional Coach RNCP

Saint Martin

Industrial Director

Mechanical engineering, specializing in the design and manufacture of special-purpose machines for all applications (exp 22 years)


Marketing Business Developer

Master’s degree from a Business School, specialized in marketing (6+ years of experience)
Premium & Luxury Marketing Management MBA (6+ years of experience)


Business Developer


Postdoctoral Researcher in R&D

PhD in physico-chemistry of materials
Specialist in photocatalysis



Energy Engineering Engineer, in alternating work-study program


Administrative Management

Holding a Ph.D. in European Economics
Service provider in administrative management (20+ years of experience)


Human Ressources

Graduate of ESCEM, Master 2 in Coaching
HR Business Partner (25 years of experience)

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A committed company

Social and Solidarity Economy

We are proud to be a social and solidarity economy enterprise, committed to making a positive impact. Our business model incorporates values of social and environmental responsibility, placing the needs of people and the planet at the forefront of our concerns. We are determined to provide solutions that contribute to improving the health and well-being of all.

Industrial Deeptech Startup

The French government has identified industrial startups and deeptech as one of the strategic levers aimed at serving the country’s sovereignty, recognizing them as an asset in terms of innovation, employment, and strategic autonomy in innovative products. Through our business project, we have a role to play in the industrial reconquest of our country. It is through technological excellence that we will address the challenges of our time and recreate employment.

Our values and vision

At Purenat, we are guided by strong values such as integrity, sustainability, and commitment to public health. We believe in an ethical and transparent approach in everything we do. Our vision is to become a global leader in air depollution by providing cutting-edge solutions that create a positive impact on individuals’ health and the environment.

Our mission

Our main mission is to protect public health by developing innovative, responsible, and sustainable air depollution solutions. We are committed to providing technologies that contribute to improving indoor air quality, thereby reducing health risks and creating healthier environments. Our responsible and sustainable approach guides our decisions and daily actions towards a better future.

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